Indoor business seats

814 Indoor Business Seats

The perfect night with your guests

Our Indoor Business Seats in Stands 2 and 4 are the ideal way to let your guests enjoy a brilliant night of football under the best possible circumstances. From the moment that your guests present themselves at the reception desk and you ask them to join you for dinner, we provide you with the best service so you can focus on expanding your professional network. After the game, you have time to enjoy the restaurant, where you have chosen for the optional catering, or in one of the bars. 

All administration happens online via

  • Comfortable seats
  • Optimal view
  • Internal TV Circuit with live footage and replays
  • Parking per 4 seats
  • Matchday Program and team line-up
  • VIP reception by our hostesses
  • Partake in networking events
  • Mention of your corporate name in the VIP zones

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