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39 Corporate Boxes

  • 31 Corporate Boxes for 10 persons
  • 8 Corporate Boxes for 12 persons


Our loges are the ideal way to experience a football match under exclusive circumstances. You receive your guests in your own space, decorated by yourself according to your company’s needs. When subscribing to the catering formula, you can enjoy the aperitif with an all-in fixed sum formula as from 1,5 hours before the game where the dinner is served at your table. After the match, you have time to enjoy some more time in your loge or in one of the bars. Decoration has been kept simple so you can adapt this according to your company’s standards. Every loge has its own refrigerator and cloakroom, as well as a TV which you can use to watch match phases again, as well as to find extra information. If you want the top, the RSC Anderlecht loges are unsurpassed.

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You are expected at the VIP reception at the main entrance about two hours before the match. Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht has been working with the renowned “Traiteur Léonard”  for the catering since the season 2009-2010. You will receive the menu at least two weeks before the match, and you can sign up for this per game. An all-in formula in which drinks are included is used from the moment you arrive until one hour after the match. All meals are served in your own loge.

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